Sunday, May 1, 2011


I can't believe Easter has come and gone already. It was, as always, a good party at my parent's. Everybody brings a basket filled with something for people to grab in addition to all of the hidden eggs. I made cupcakes with chocolate nests on top! Problem was we had like seven desserts AND all of the candy from the eggs. That night I said to Tyler, "I've eaten so much crap I feel like I'm going to throw up." He said, "me too." But, when he said that I realized he was eating something. I turned around and he was emptying a BOX of skittles into his mouth. He looked at me and said, "What? It's too late now!" Ooookaaaay. I guess it was in his mind! The hunt was good fun. I missed Deaner and Monica since they couldn't be there. But, Mary and the kids came so the cousins were all together! It's so funny to watch them together. They really do love each other. So many times I'll listen to London and look at her and I think, "Wow, she looks exactly like Mia!" It's great how close they are. I left the kids at my mom's the other day so that I could get an extra workout. When I came to pick them up, I arrived to a sad sight. My parent's had finally cut down those gorgeous trees in their backyard. I was sorry to think that the Easter egg hunt was the last time the grandkids would be able to enjoy those monsters. At least Mom and Dad's house will be safer. Those trees would have taken out the entire back of the house if the right storm had come along! Our little family is doing great. Madden is so dang loud! He screams higher and louder than London. If she's singing, he sings louder. It's always a competition to that little boy. He loves things. Madden carries around the snow shovel in the backyard every time he goes out. He HAS to have something in his hands to use as a tool. It's become the biggest joke to my family. In fact, my mom hides her vacuum in the garage because he can plug it into the wall and starts sucking up who know what! Lulu is still a great big sister. The other morning she was acting up and had a serious attitude. On the way home from the gym, I was talking to my mom and she said she would talk to London. She asked her, "Are you being my sweet London? Are you being nice and loving to everyone around you?" I was watching London in the rear-view mirror and she was obviously having an inner battle on what to confess to. She finally said, "Weeellll, not esactly(That's how she says exactly)....I've been having a little bit of an attitude." Mom thought that was so funny and I was so proud that she confessed instead of saying that she was being perfect! I had also made bunny rolls for Easter Sunday that didn't exactly turn out. London was kind enough to tell me, "Mom, those don't even LOOK like bunnies." She said it very seriously and almost like she was talking to a child. Clearly, in her mind, it was like me coloring outside the lines! Oh well, I did try on those darn bunnies whether anybody else appreciated them or not! I hope you all had a great Easter! I know we did!


whipplewife said...

Wow, Shelley! You are so creative! I tried jelly beans on top of a coconut frosting and the whole cake looked lopsided! Can't imagine what London would have said to me! Always love reading your blog! See you in July. Love to all of you!

Monica said...

You're doing such fun and cute things--I like the bunny buns, personally.

When did Danny get glasses? Miss you.