Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Stories of Hilarity

Wow, are my kids funny.  London has been coming up with the best lines lately.  We've actually had quite an entertaining week!  London asked me to tell her a story about animals.  I began by telling her that once upon a time all animals were best friends. 
Then I had to tell her about the Fall of Adam and went into that story.  I got to the part where they were making leaves to cover their nakedness and London said, "Mom, are you almost going to say, 'the end' yet?"  I said, "No, is this boring to you?"  She said, "No, but this story is really weird.  They were naked!"  I told her that they were innocent and had minds like Madden.
  They didn't know that they were naked.  She gave me a bored stare that clearly said that she thought I was full of it.  After a minute she said, "The end."  and she walked away.  That was that!  Later that week she asked for another story.  I said, "Do you want to hear about Adam and Eve again?"  She said, "Let's not tell that story ever again, Ok?"  Okey dokey!  London is also learning about technology, thanks to her little friends.  She asked me this morning in the car on the way home for the gym if she could have a DS.  I had to think for a minute and then I said, "You mean like a Gameboy?"  

She rolled her eyes and said, "No, like a DS!!!!"  Nope you can't have one.  She started to cry and I started to laugh!  ha ha!  After she got settled down and was eating lunch with Madden, London asked me, "Mom is their a mysterious beyond?"  Totally confused, I asked her to repeat herself about four times.  Finally I assumed she'd heard something like that from a sci-fi cartoon or something.  I finally answered, "I guess there's a mysterious world beyond this one and we call it heaven."  She said, "I'm not talking about just don't understand."  Okay, I guess I don't.  What four year old asks about a mysterious world beyond?!!!  Madden has had some funny moments too.  
He's been quite a handful and frequently tests the waters to get me angry.  Today he pushed our fertilizer spreader half-way down the block while I was watering flowers.  After I saw him and started chasing after him, he dumped the spreader and ran in the middle of the road and just stood there!  He had the most naughty grin on his face.  Monday I was getting ready for Cherry Hill and I heard complete silence from him.  Oh no, he's doing something bad. 
I finally found him almost sound asleep in the office chair.  He smiled and cooed a little when I got the camera out.  I love those little moments. 

My last funny story involves me and Ty.  Tyler had the flu pretty bad on Monday.  He'd been throwing up all day and was pretty much stuck in bed.  I came home for Cherry Hill and was trying to take care of him, the kids, clean the house, and fix dinner at the same time.  In a hurry to put away the clean laundry, I literally ran right into the couch and broke my toe.  I realized it was bad when it was facing the wrong direction.  I yelled at Tyler to come set my toe in place and my hero ran in to help me.  Problem....he passed out in the family room right in front of me. 
Then he crawled to bathroom down the hall and puked his guts out.  When he was finished there, he literally crawled back to our bed with periods of just laying on the floor during that journey.  I was left with overlapping toes and Madden concerned with his crazy mommy laughing her head off while clearly in utter pain. 
It was hilarious.  I finally just had to pop my toe back in place myself.  Tyler heard the pop and my yell but, other than that he was pretty much out.  Don't worry, Tyler is feeling much better toe however will feel much better in six weeks!  That's all for now!  Ta ta!

Here's a video for Tyler's stepdad that Ty never posted for Father's Day!  Blame him!  Happy Father's Day, Bert!