Saturday, June 11, 2011

Wow, has it been a while!

I guess I forgot to post about Libby's farewell!
  Get ready for some very real, emotional pictures.  Libs did awesome on the day of her farewell.  She was so funny giving her talk and I'm sure everybody loved it.  I ran to Mom's right after Libby's talk to go get the food ready. was so much food.  It was all delicious. 
Almost everybody was so stuffed after eating as much as we could that lounging around for the afternoon was mandatory. 
There's Libby writing her thank you notes. Tuesday we had a dinner before Libby was set apart. We were there late and ended up giving the kids baths there. You can see how tired we were.
Wednesday came quickly for Libby to leave.  
 Mandy and I decided to run over and say one last good bye.  
Poor Libs was having such a rough day.  (These pics are from Tuesday night but, they're not that different from Wednesday's emotions)
You can tell by these pictures how hard it was for her to go. 
Mandy and I were very good at holding it together until the garage door closed.  Then we each had our own tearful moment for our sweet sister, Olivia. Madden and Gabe could not understand why the life was being squeezed out of them over and over again.  Libby said, "These boys are going to be all grown up when I get back!" 
I said, "It's true...Madden already has a unibrow and a mustache."  We laughed because he really does!  But, I can see why Libby was sad!  Well, the weekend after Olivia left, Mom and Dad went to France with some friends and I think it was a good thing.  Mom probably would have bawled for three weeks straight if it wasn't for the distraction.  We visited Madeline during that time.  
Consequently while visiting her Madden decided to have a lemon and loved it!  He did the most hilarious face every time!  Mary also had her baby while the parents' were gone!  
Meet my sweet new nephew, Brigham Lewis Simmons.  
Maddie and I went in to see him while Ty stayed in the lounge with our kids.
They weren't allowed back in the hospital rooms.  
The proud Papa eating his hospital dinner.  I couldn't tell if he liked it or not. 
We've had a busy "family time" month which is always a good thing.  We had a Sunday dinner at Ty's sister's house.
 It's always good to see his side of the family and I think Tyler needs that time to see his siblings.  McKinley and Madden are such cute cousins.  
They rode the rocking horse together until Madden rocked a little rough.  McKinley then laid on the couch by London and tried to imitate her relaxing state. 
So cute!  Well, I think that's it for the update for now.  Until more babies are born, that is!  Adieu!