Sunday, November 6, 2011

Catch Up Post Number 2

Monica and Brad came to bless Clara so that the rest of us could be involved. 
It was so fun to have them here.  Poor Clara has so many allergies that Monica totally has gone off sugar, peanut butter, dairy, and soy, and happiness.  Yes, she is a wonderful mother and I witnessed her sacrifices 
I think the babes is doing better now.  I can't wait to see them over Thanksgiving.  I've made a goal for myself for the coming holiday season.  
It's been a rough year for me.  I've been on a lot of hormone medications because my body was out of whack.  
As a result I gained fifteen pounds even though my diet was pretty strict.  
It was pretty depressing.  Now, my body is regulating somewhat but, even though I'm not where I want to be, my goal is to find an attitude of gratitude.  
Yes I said it.  I want to find positives in every trial or disappointment I may face.  This is my goal.  I am very grateful for my family.  
When Monica and Brad were here, we went swimming and played games, and just had an overall good time.
  What a blessing my family is to me.  
My children are amazing.  I know they've noticed that Mommy is frustrated sometimes but, they hug me and kiss me constantly.  
I don't know any 2 or 4 year old who love to kiss their Mommy, but mine do. I feel like their affection was Heavenly Father's love for me being given through my little angels.  
One day Madden decided that he wanted to kiss everyone by licking.  It was hilarious.  
We tried to get him to use his lips but, I think he could taste my lip stuff and Tyler's salt from his food on our lips.  What a goof.  Madden also thinks that if he hears a squeaking sound or that somebody passed gas that they "Pookied." 
We got a video of it and London loves to watch it over and over.  One funny event that happened was I had made cupcakes for our neighbors and put them on the counter by the sink so that Madden couldn't get to them.  I ran into the bathroom to finish my hair and decided it was a little too quiet.  
I looked out into the kitchen and lo and behold, Madden had gotten London's stool from the bathroom and had somehow reached the cupcakes and was swiping his finger through the frosting.

  It was so funny that I couldn't even be mad.  What's new with London is that she thinks big boobs are funny.  Our little neighbor girl dressed as a grandma for Halloween and she had huge balloons in her moo moo.  London laughed and laughed.  Speaking of Halloween, our party was hilarious.  Unfortunately, my camera died promptly after the party got started. 
Madden was Mike Wizowski from Monster's Inc.  He kept pointing to the big eye on his chest and would say, "I'm Mike!"  London was The Little Mermaid. 
I wonder if she'll ever want to be anything other than a princess for Halloween.  Tyler and I were upside down people. 
We actually just put shoes on our hands, our heads in the pant legs, and our legs in sweatshirts.  It looked awesome!  My mom goes through such an effort for her parties.  
We had a scavenger hunt, prizes, donut eating contest, caramel apples, and pumpkin decoration table, among a few things to mention.  It was quite an event.  Now that I've caught up on my life and going-ons I'm hoping I can keep y'all up to date:)


Monica said...

Loved this post, especially your goal. I'm going to make that mine too!

And I wish Clara was allergic to sugar, but I can indeed eat that and you better believe I'm eating lots of it to make up for all the other stuff.

Can't wait to see you guys.

Monica said...

Um, yes I've read this post multiple times, hoping for updates.

How on earth did you get Maddie to be in not just one, but TWO photos--AND SMILING??????