Sunday, November 6, 2011

Wow, So Much To Say...

So much has happened the last couple months that I don't even know where to start.  
Apparently, I didn't post any pictures of my nephew, Jameson's, birth.
  Nor did I post any pictures of my neice, Clara's, baby blessing! What in the world is wrong with me?  I can tell you, I got a job.  Yep, you are looking at a new Les Mill's CXWORX instructor for Gold's Gym.  I went to the training in September and was supposed to go to another training for a different program this weekend, but it was cancelled.  It's probably a blessing in disguise though, because I have two broken toes and so many injuries I can't even count.  
But, I'm pretty happy with this new occupation because I get my work out in and I  don't have to be away from the kiddos any more than normal. 
Going back to Jameson and Clara, they are darling.  Both are so dang cute.  Clara looks like such a great mix between Monica and Brad. Jameson looks just like Trent.  I guess that's fair because Gabe looks just like Mandy!  
Sorry sis!  Mandy had a long labor, but it was successful!  No C-section for her this time! 
Gabe loves his little does London...and every other baby. (London told me that Daddy needed to take me to the hospital so that I could get a baby!  ha!)  
My kids were so upset that they weren't allowed in the back room.  At least they got suckers and were rewarded by seeing Mimi.  I have to show this one picture of London.  Our neighbors, the Bains, had a birthday party for Kyson and kids were supposed to dress up as superheros. 
Tyler and I couldn't think of what to put London in so we dressed her as Peter Parker!  ha!  She was so mad at us later.  This summer we were able to see some of Tyler's friends.  Tyler has a unique relationship with his friends from college and high school....they keep in touch.   
London was playing with one of their daughter's and they found some tutus to dress up in.  
Can you tell that they're too small?  Ha ha!  
It's always good to see Tyler's friends and I love them all!  Madden continues to love his Daddy, Papa, and Grandpa Benard.
  He sat on Grandpa's lap during his birthday party on Tyler's side of the family. 
It was so cute.  The kids have loved swimming and going on walks this summer.  We met Mimi and Aunt Maddie by the Bountiful Temple to go on a walk. 
We walked about a block and I was too hot so we turned back around!  Swimming is always fun.
  Yes, that's my mother in the kiddie tube in that picture.  
It's funny because we would go swimming and all the grandkids love to play with each other 
but, Madden. 
He's completely content to play by himself all of the time. 
Our August tradition is to go to the Boxelder fair for Dean's birthday. 
We thought the kids would go crazy over the rides and we were right! 
London loved them....Madden HATE!  
He didn't even ride the rides and he was screaming at the sheer noise of it all.
  We put him in a train with Gabe and he screamed before it even started! 
I had to switch him out with London and we were forced to watch her enjoyment from a far.  
London loved the carousel,
she loved the slides, 
she loved the play ground.  
Madden screamed the entire carousel ride.
  He was shaking so bad that I didn't even try to put him on another ride.  
At least Gabe was
  I felt horrible!  
The rodeo was fun though, but by that point I was too tired to take a picture and just wanted to enjoy the family! 
For Labor Day, we went on a hike in Logan canyon with my Uncle David, Danny and Sam, and my mom and dad.  It was so beautiful.  I loved listening to London sing THE ENTIRE hike. 
She was full of her version of why things are the way the are and sang just about everything. 
London is hilarious.  Lately I've been trying to correct her words in some songs and she said, "MOM,  I can sing it however I want.  
Don't tell me the words."  Okay then.  I guess I should be grateful that she prefers her own opinion rather than others.  Good confidence, maybe?  Anywho, it was a great Labor Day. 
We went to eat after at the Old Gris Mill and I, of course, got a delish sandwich.  I pick a sandwich any time I splurge on my food.  
Yes, splurge.  I lOVE them.  It was a beautiful hike and a great day with the family.  I'll end post one of the day :)


Maren said...

Hey, Shell! We should try to have that unique relationship that Tyler has with his friends. I miss you! You should call me sometime! :-)