Sunday, August 26, 2012

Starting School

London is in year round school so she was supposed to start Kindergarten in July.  We were actually on family vacation so she missed 3 days that her classmates didn't. 
 In a two week period London started school, lost two more teeth, and learned how to ride her bike without training wheels.  These are some major events, people! 
 The day London started school, she probably asked me like 20 times if it was time to go yet.  She was beyond excited.  
I took so many pictures of her getting ready and then riding her bike to the neighbors.  
This is the picture of Madden when London left. 
After a month of school, he's FINALLY quit crying every morning when she leaves.  Poor boy loves his sister.
  But, Madden did have his birthday to look forward to so, I think that helped a little to say, "Hey! Do you know whose birthday is coming up?" It was a good distraction anyways. 
 Madden had a very mellow, pleasant birthday.  We celebrated his, Danny's, and Olivia's birthday on a Sunday.  
Lib's is in Alaska so, we couldn't really spend the day with her and that was hard because I miss her so much.  But, I was happy to have German chocolate cake, thanks to Emily!  I love it so much.  
Madden was so thrilled with his gifts from my mom that he wanted to open the car tracks right then.  We told him we would do it at our house so he promptly went around saying his goodbyes to everyone.  It was so funny.  
All those poor kids were so excited to see his gifts and he just wanted to leave!  Look how sweaty those kids were too.   We did one thing before we went to my parents' for dinner and that was a visit to the hospital.  
 Tyler's brother, Todd had a new baby boy the day before and we were going to visit our new nephew.  There's nothing sweeter than a brand new babe.  
See London itching to touch that baby?  Now look behind her and look at my baby sound asleep.  
Yep.  The kids slept through the entire visit and Ty and I didn't have to heart to wake him!  
 We knew that he'd have a party at Mom's later and would probably be worn out.  Here's the kicker though, this is him earlier that day right after church.
  I have an assumption that maybe he's not sleeping in his big boy bed in the basement most nights...hmmm..  So I guess you could say the months of July and August have been ridiculously busy.  
We had also celebrated the baptism of my niece, Mia.  Which, btw, is nuts.  I can't believe she's 8.  
The day before the baptism we visited Tyler's friends that were in town.  It was awesome. 
 Madden was kind of sold on the baby in group.  
They kept hugging each other which was so dang cute.  
We tried to get a picture of all the kids that we have and that was even more mind blowing!  
They played so well together and our friend's Melissa and Mark were the best at playing tag:) 
 Joe and Naomi are our other really close friends that came to visit.  We sure miss everyone who ditched UT.  
Here are the three boys that brought us all together.  How handsome.  I've got to say I'm pretty much ready for things to wind down just for a little bit.....

Here's a video of London's 3rd tooth being pulled out.


Monica said...

I absolutely love Madden's photo where he's crying, missing London.

London really does want to hold that baby, huh?!