Sunday, August 19, 2012

Time Flies....

As your kids grow up.  I used to have at least an hour or so of free time when I could update the blog, or write down the things that have gone on during the week. 

 (Just a little picture of all the kids watching a show on a laptop.  They all had identical faces the entire time.)Well, apparently I had one day in two weeks with only two hours of free time.  I chose to take the kids to Cherry Hill instead of work on the blog.  But, now I'm so behind that it's discouraging!  We, of course, had our family vacation in July in McCall and absolutely loved it.  This year, I spent every morning running in the mountains and enjoying time by myself.  Then during the days they were packed with our usual vacation delights. 
The grandkids were continually changing cars everywhere we went.  
Luke rode with us the rest of the way to McCall from Boise and he and Madden promptly fell asleep.  
I don't even think I saw London this whole trip because she rode with Dean and Mary. 
 Sunday was our usual family picture day and a little hike. 
 I love to see this picture of Mom and Dad with all of their grandchildren. 
 Look at that legacy!  
The kids all did great on the hike. 
 Unfortunately, we ran out of water. 
 I seriously underestimated the magnitude of my children's thirst when their overheated. 
London was pretty tired at the end because she walked the whole way.
  Luckily Madden fits perfectly on a pair of shoulders, but Londie is just too big.  
You can see how red their little faces got.
The second hike we went on was Boulder Creek which is absolutely beautiful.  
The kids did great, again!  But, London fell like fifty times.
At least Ginger was there to sing her every thought and action to make us laugh. 
 She even got London distracted from her own aches. The little kids played in the mud and ate it as well.
 It's stunning to reach the top of this hike and be shocked by all of the water surrounded by these mountains.  
Dean gets in the ice cold water every year and usually Danny and my cousin Trenton do as well.  
Madden had to try it too but, really he just stuck his feet in.
  So cute. 
This year we took the kids rafting and honestly, it was probably the funnest rafting year ever. 

 London and Madden were hilarious. 
Madden hated the water and would say, "No big bumps!" Whereas London laughed hysterically over every wave and jostle. Gabe was in our raft too and he got a kick out of London's giggles.  But, the raft guide did say that in all of his years, Madden was the youngest to every sneak onto a raft.
 Madden was also a wimp on the jet skiis, 
but....this year he actually caught on to the fun of it.  
It took a couple runs but, he was begging me to go faster....but, no turns.  
London just volunteered to go out every time.  She was such a blast.
Good day.  
Canoe day was also a really fun day. 
 My only qualm about the trip was that we had four days in a row of early wakings, 
which meant Emily and I were up even earlier to exercise.  
I think I was in a coma on canoe day because we were so tired,

 the kids were ALL grumpy, but it was still so much fun.
 London really surprised me this trip.  
She loved rafting and wanted to try cliff jumping. 
 They found a small rock for the kids and London totally jumped off. 
 Dean found a rope swing
 and London was so excited to try it. 

 I was a proud Mama when she jumped THREE times!
  The boys got to go golfing or fishing so the ladies actually got an afternoon to ourselves.  We went knick-knack shopping and had lunch. It was so fun because I seriously have an issue resisting flea market booths, jewelry stores, and girly bric-a-brac.  I have issues.  The family even stopped for me on the way home for me to check our a flea market!  
Mom was so great to make some special moments for us.  She had a "fudge walk" where the kids would walk around to their Uncles and be taught something about the Armor of God.  
Then each Uncle would give them a little ingredient.  At the end they were able to make their own fudge!  
They also had water Olympics on Mia's birthday with prizes and everything. 
 Very appropriate for the opening ceremonies of the Olympics. 
Once again, Madden didn't want to join in the activities. 

 Instead he peed on my legs and the Brigham came over to see what I was yelping about:)

 I think the best finale for our vacation was going to Fuddruckers on the way out.  
Kids love arcades.


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Oh this looks like SO much fun! I would love to go there sometime. It is beautiful!