Wednesday, November 5, 2008


Oh what a fun holiday! We spent the Saturday before Halloween at the zoo where London was able to wear her costume and get treats while seeing the animals. My friends Megan and Abong came with their kids! Oh so cute! Kyson, Bong's little boy, was a cute little turtle. That night we had the yearly Simmons' Halloween party. I have to say that Tyler and my costumes were the best. Who can beat Wayne and Garth? Seriously?! London was a princess and loving it. Funny enough, Mary and Emily and Sam were all cows. If you can't tell what Mandy and Trent are, they're McCain and Palin...Lame. In the end, my mom pulled off a sweet party. Thanks for going to all that work. As always, it was a blast being with the fam. We missed Olivia, Monica, and Brad. Love you guys!


Joe and Kenzie Graham said...

Hey I was at Boo at the Zoo too, it was way too crowded but the kids I took had lots of fun anyways

Amy Jo said...

What a fun family tradition!! Loved all the costumes, except where is grandma???