Saturday, November 22, 2008


So, lately London has been putting things in the garbage and taking them out. Tyler gave her a chocolate covered cookie today. After eating a little bit, she put it in the garbage and walked over and wiped her chocolatey hands on a towel. Then she went back to the garbage took her cookie back out and then proceeded to eat it. It's funny that she hates her hands to be dirty, but doesn't mind that her food is.


Maren said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! I tried calling you but I think you changed your number on me. What's the deal with that, huh? Anyway, hope you have a happy birthday! Call me some time soon. Go Utah!

Mark and Mel said...

Haha. Don't you love that? My girls do the same thing! Hope you guys had a happy Thanksgiving!

Jesse & Katie said...

Hi Shelley! I just ran across your blog and I'd love to add you to my blogging friends!! Looks like you guys are doing so great!! Your daughter is adorable. :)

-katie (borski) Rindlesbach (